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    The "Wow!" Factor

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With so many 5 and 6-star private islands and resorts throughout the world for high-end guests to choose from, it is more important than even to have your resort or private island standout from the others.


Ocean Caraibes has been successful in creating the “Wow!” factor, regardless of the location, by featuring wildlife such as flamingo’s, lemurs, giant iguanas, museum quality underwater sculptures, world-class snorkeling areas using artificial reefs, senior citizen playgrounds and more. 


Just imagine your guests having their picture taken with exotic animals, highlighted by special backgrounds, and then shared with family, friends and the world through their social media outlets like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and others. This “free marketing” will more than pay for the cost and care of the animals and other introduced “Wow!” factors.


How we can help your development? Call or email us; we will do a FREE desk-study based on the information you provide such as; topographic/bathymetric survey, past EIA’s or other reports, historical photos, satellite images, master plans, geotechnical investigations, etc.


Each resort setting has different aspects and attributes to feature for its specific place in the world. Ocean Caraibes can help you more definitively establish property as uniquely “Wow!” memorable.


Let The "Wow!" Factor
Make A Difference
At Your Resort!