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    Water Resource Management                                      


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Ocean Caraibes ensures effective management and development of water resources in accordance with statutory requirements and commercial needs  related to surface water hydrology and hydraulics.


We've helped clients manage water in all its forms everywhere in the world.

Scarce, plentiful, wasted, coveted, water is fast becoming the world's most precious commodity. Too much in the wrong place at the wrong time and this valuable resource becomes an unwanted hazard.  Water moves continuously through the environment. Seldom is it in the right quantity or quality to suit our ever increasing needs. 


By integrating our surface and ground water skills, Ocean Caraibes is able to adopt a holistic approach to surface and ground water issues.



Water Resource Management,
Ocean Caraibes helps clients manage
water in all its forms, world-wide.


Our team of specialists, engineers and scientists combine their experience and skills to offer a comprehensive range of services relating to water management world-wide, including:

  • Acid rock drainage

  • Canal analysis and design

  • Conjunctive use of surface and ground water

  • Contamination assessment and remediation

  • Dam design and safety inspections

  • Effluent treatment processes and design

  • Flood studies

  • Geology, Resources & Exploration Services

  • Geotechnical Services

  • Groundwater Management & Hydrogeology

  • Mining impacts on ground and surface water

  • Mining Related Environmental Services

  • Optimization of water usage

  • Pipeline analysis and design

  • Routine sampling and monitoring services

  • Specialist investigations in hydrology and hydraulics

  • Storm water management

  • Waste water minimization

  • Water and waste auditing

  • Water management

  • Water quality investigations

  • Water quality Management

  • Water quality modeling

  • Water resource studies

  • Water supply systems

Ocean Caraibes' integrated water management system is designed to cut costs; we combine surface & ground water resource evaluation to assess & supply your needs.


We cover water quality and quantity, and specialist software (as required) to optimize water and effluent control for our mining/industrial clients.


Our multi-specialist approach to water quality management involves biologists, chemists and engineers with expertise in a wide range of technologies, approaches and concepts.

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Our Approach

Ocean Caraibes & Associates consulting offers an integrated approach to water quality management, tailoring the application of our specialist expertise in:


Hydrology    Hydraulics   Hydrogeology 


Our extensive experience in wet, arid and cold climates enables us to provide cost effective, practical solutions for your project.


We  begin each project by ensuring that we understand the system water balance and the climatic influences on each component.

Ocean Caraibes follows an integrated approach, thereby optimizing water acquisition and reuse, and minimizing pumping / treatment costs. Then, we match technology best suited to client needs as we design their management and treatment system.


Our services are comprehensive, covering auditing, technical investigations, options review, detailed process design, project management, commissioning and operator training.


Our aim is to provide a cost-efficient and workable solution, with minimum maintenance burden and negligible risk to production activities.


View Example Water Quality Report  
Wetland Preservation & Rescue


Water - scarce, plentiful, wasted, coveted - is fast becoming the world's most precious commodity.

Other Related Services

  • Coliform sampling

  • Conductivity

  • Disinfection

  • Dissolved Oxygen

  • Installation of stream & staff gauges

  • Leak Detection

  • ORP

  • pH

  • Plankton samples

  • Resistivity

  • Salinity

  • Seawater Specific Gravity

  • Temperature

  • Turbidity

  • Velocity measurements taken in streams, under bridges, in pipes, etc.

  • Water level measuring

  • Water Sampling

- Installation of Permanent leak detection system... Permalog, is a permanently installed system for detecting leaks in water distribution systems. The loggers are deployed within a distribution area and automatically determine the presence of leaks and transmit this information to a receiver module.