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    Rockfall Protection Systems - Netting Barriers & Other  


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Rockfall Systems


  Passive systems include:

   Drapery wire mesh

   Rockfall protection barriers

   Rockfall protection embankments


Active systems ...act on the rock-detachment process:

   Secured drapery, where different
    kinds of steel wire and cables form
    a mesh which is then anchored to
    the rock slope.





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Rockfall protection systems are a key element in the design
and maintenance of infrastructure networks
and have a direct impact on safety




Rockfall management systems need an approach that encompasses the overall analysis of the structure system, and not just the individual components. The world “system” is the best description, as it embraces the different structural components which interact with one another.


A key distinction must be made between active and passive protection systems.

Passive system are those which do not affect the process of the rock detaching, but rather focus on containing falling debris, thereby averting danger for the infrastructure and its users.


The planning, construction and maintenance of these structures must take into account their durability.  In accordance with these concepts — Ocean Caraibes long earned experience in this field coupled with Maccaferri the World’s Leading manufacture of material and Maccaferri ‘s corporate orientation toward research and innovation, yielded to  the development of MAC.RO System which provides a flexible response to different problems, and combines industrial innovation, advanced research and proejct design.


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