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     Habitat Creation & Restoration


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Ocean Caraibes has over 24 years experience creating habitat for both marine and terrestrial projects around the world.



Ocean Caraibes areas of expertise in habitat creation and restoration include hydrology, geomorphology, aquatic habitat populations, and social-economical analysis.


Our approach to habitat creation and restoration includes the integration of geologic, hydrologic, chemical, geographic, and biological data.


Additionally, we:

  • Synthesize the existing science of riverine ecosystem processes to produce broadly applicable conceptual models

  • Enhance other select stream-flow projects with like interdisciplinary studies

  • Design  long-term, watershed-scale research program that will substantively reinvent the riverine ecosystem.

The collected information is then utilized to create new tools and models that address issues faced by river managers.  Ocean Caraibes translate the best riverine science into useful approaches and usable information.


The issues that encompass ground-water and surface-water hydrology, the biology of fish, birds, shellfish, and aquatic
and terrestrial vegetation, and the mechanisms for
resolving related conflicts are issues
recognized world-wide.


Substantive progress depends on a basic understanding of associated landscape change, the soils and other geologic materials on which aquatic and terrestrial communities depend and the social contexts of water management.


The ability to manage riverine ecosystems wisely occurs from:

  • collecting & interpreting reliable data on current and past riverine conditions

  • identification of the  fundamental and integrated functions of the riverine

  • comprehension of the institutional and economic processes of the riverine

  • forecasting the impact of environmental change and human actions on the riverine and its aquatic communities

  • effectively communicating all information & study results to resource-managers, policy-makers and the public.