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    Gabions - Baskets, Retaining Walls & Other             


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Gabions Can Be Utilized as: 



Ocean & River
Defense Works

Stream & River Bank





Ocean Caraibes
has over 20 years in
the design & construction supervision of a wide range of projects, worldwide, using
gabions baskets.


Jetty & Groyne Restoration


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Ocean Caraibes has extensive experience with a wide
range of projects worldwide using gabions structures...


        Our Projects Include:

  • Dams

  • Erosion control

  • Gravity bank protection

  • Landfill protection

  • Landscape protection

  • Light bank protection with geosynthetic MAC-MAT technology & Natural Combines for environmental restoration.

  • Quarry restoration

  • River training using longitudinal groynes to guarantee fluvial navigation

  • River/stream bank protection

  • Rockfall netting

  • Rockfall protection

  • Soil conservation problems

  • Solution against noise pollution

  • Solutions against desertification

  • Solutions for lakes and seas

  • Solutions for landslides and drainage

  • Solutions for road and railroad embankments

  • Solving various water course problems that favors the environmental equilibrium

  • Underwater pipe line protection

  • Weirs

Gabion Gravity Structures


Bank stabilization may involve the construction of a retaining structure that should not only effect the natural filtration between the watercourse and the bank, but also guarantee the required consolidation.


Furthermore, the presence of sub-grades and banks, that are normally saturated or which have unpredictable erosion phenomena, make the application of flexible structures a necessity. They must be able to withstand differential settlement without losing their structural integrity.


Gabion structures are the ideal solution on account of their flexibility, natural drainage capacity due to the stone filling, and the high structural resistance.



Free Design Services

We offer a Free design services for your structure. Contact us for further details.


Ocean Caraibes are agents for Maccaferri the folks who invented the gabion backsets over 100 years ago. Maccaferri gabions are fabricated from high quality steel wire where long term durability is guaranteed by galvanizing with a zinc 1 aluminum-MM alloy (Galfan), that can be further protected by a polymeric coating and all of which comply with the highest international standards.