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Ocean Caraibes' primary goal for all dredging projects is to minimize turbidity from sediments, spillage and re-suspension.


We never damage coral reefs!


Dredging, done in an environmental
friendly way contributes to:


 ● Economic Recovery

 ● Coastal Protection

 ● Environmental Restoration

 ● Beach Restoration

 ● Anti-eutrophication

 ● Contamination Remediation





Ocean Caraibes has dredging experience ranging from large

projects utilizing floating scows, cranes and backhoes to smaller projects easily handled with portable, single and two man operated dredges.


The beneficial uses of dredging include: creating more land mass for beaches, housing areas and commercial space. Dredging is also used to create salt ponds & wetlands, deepen channels, harbors and ponds.


Prior to any dredging project, one of our Senior Coastal Engineers will make a underwater reconnaissance survey of the site to determine sand type, its depth and location.  As well, a study of the surrounding vicinity and adjacent coastline provides a complete feasibility report of the positives and negative aspects of the operation. The report also provides recommendations for the type of dredge(s) that will prove most effective, the estimated cost and time of the project.


If needed, Ocean Caribes can also meet with local planning authorities and adjacent site owners to explain the potential project


Dredges come in a variety of sizes and types ranging from heavy cranes to portable one and two man machines. 


The basic types of dredges and buckets we utilize include:

 ● Cutter dredge

 ● Suction dredge

 ● Bucket dredge

 ● Grap dredge

 ● Backhoe/Dipper

 ● Water Injection

 ● Pneumatic

 ● Amphibious

 ● Excavator mounted on pontoons



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