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    Underwater Coral Reef Nature Trail


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Construction Processes


Artificial coral reefs
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Ocean Caraibes has been involved in many unique coral reef development projects including the following created for a large hotel in the eastern Caribbean region.



Underwater Nature Trail Development Project
Abbreviated Proposal Description


Proposed Trail Path

Starting from the west side of hotel, snorkelers will swim from the current reef area to the cay area and then on to the creek. From the creek, they will continue into the lagoon located near the golf course and then along the shore back to the beginning point.  Water depth will average between 1 - 1.8 meters (3-5 feet).  At times, a slight current will provide opportunity for “drifting” along the trial.  Directional plaques, will be clearly positioned along the path to guide swimmers.


Learning Opportunities

Guests will enjoy observing a variety of undersea venues including coral gardens and varieties of tropical fish and other marine life.  As well, swimmers will have the opportunity to explore red mangroves, their root systems and the marine life that inhabits this unique environment. Identification plaques will be tactfully positioned, underwater, near each species.


Reef Development process

Besides the construction of artificial reefs (See BIOROCK) live corals will also be transplanted in the nature area.


Permissions Needed Before Construction Begins

  • Seek permission from government to transplant live corals from the area from the bay area

  • Seek permission from government to transplant sea grass.

  • Seek permission from government to move boulder reef corals to the nature trail.

  • Seek permission from government to move live soft coral from the foreshore and bay areas to the nature trail.

Other Related Developments

To protect the area from possible storm surge and swell waves it may be necessary to build a small seawall near the top end of the coral path.

Photos & graphics
provided by Ari Spenhoff 

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