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Natural Systems


We feel that proper beach nourishment is a function of several events and an effort to restore the natural systems that once existed. Therefore, our work always includes a very thorough understanding of inputs / outputs on the land which surrounds each product.


Proper beach nourishment is a function of several
events and an effort to restore the natural
systems that once existed.




We provide physical, numerical and analytical capabilities
on a consultancy bases in the following areas:


Wave loads analysis and prediction of on coastal  


Integrity assessment of coastal protection structures.

Wave Environment assessment associated with coastal 

    protection structures


Harbor wave characteristic studies related to proposed

    port development.

Sediment transport and shoreline change by coastal

    structures or waterfront development.


Resort & Hotel Beach Development


Resorts/Hotels, water front and costal developments need to be protected from continuous and random wave action. Structures such as rubble-mound breakwaters, dikes, revetments, groynes, caissons, seawalls and artificial reefs are frequently used in our work.


We are actively engaged in the studies of wave-structure-bathymetry interaction; i.e. interactions between the wave environment, the protection structures and the mobile sea bottom. These studies include the assessment of wave loading resulting from regular waves, irregular waves and extreme weaves, influence of coastal structures on the wave environment, sediment stability in the vicinity of the structure and the integrity of the protection structures when subjected to wave action.


This work involved collaborative studies and consultancy projects throughout the world.



Real Estate Values & Coastal Erosion


Many industries are adversely affected by coastal erosion. Commercial fishing suffers when wetlands and near shore areas decline because critical juvenile habitat is lost. Coastal tourism in general suffer for obvious reasons.


After record losses during the 1995/96 and 1998-hurrican season, the insurance industry has dramatically increased insurance rates. Banks in some cases are bulking at extending long term mortgages to threatened areas. In some cases they are not funding any loans for improvements or expansion until some type of long0term solution is put in place.


Several studies have been done comparing the value of coastal real estate fronted by a sandy beach versus comparable property fronted only by a seawall or revetment.


Properties with a sandy beach are vaulted about 50 percent higher!