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    Artificial Coral Reef Development                                                                                      


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Artificial coral reefs
created by


Environmentally friendly, reliable, proven successful.


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...Electric Coral Reefs an environmentally
friendly, reliable and proven method
of creating artificial coral reefs.





Artificial Reef Creation
and Deployment


Ocean Caraibes staff will be responsible for acquiring all the necessary equipment, 90% of which can be sourced locally.  We will also train your staff and / or hire local staff for the construction and deployment of the Biorock structures. As well, we can also develop a comprehensive monitoring program to analyze the new reef's condition including fish and marine life census, underwater photos/video and status report.


A Brief History
of Artificial Coral Reefs


Experiments with artificial reefs in the late 1960’s included the use of old cars, refrigerators, stoves, boats, and structures. Little regard was given to the potential effects of the materials on the environment or the marine plants and animals inhabiting the area. Many of the structures were created for recreational or aesthetic purpose by unregulated private entities, such as snorkelers, divers and photographers.


During the 1970’s and 80’s, concrete structures or units of various sizes and shapes were placed beneath the sea in attempts to establish new reefs. However, promises that the units   were “…scientifically designed and engineered to mimic Mother Nature,” simply did not hold true. Rough seas, currents and other natural powers tipped, toppled and moved the structures, often covering them sand. In other instances, the concrete units never promoted new coral growth, but only attracted algae.


In 2000, Ocean Carraibe, having studied, observed and in some instances, attempted implementation of those early year ideas of artificial reef creation, with negligible success, began to pay close attention to a new approach - electric coral reefs.


Today, we are comfortably convinced that electric coral reefs, created and produced by BIOROCK® MARINE CONSTRUCTION APPLICATIONS, is an environmentally friendly, reliable and proven method of creating artificial coral reefs.


BIOROCK’s construction and scientific approach exceeds expectations in creating habitat for fish and marine life, providing world-class snorkeling & dive sites, while actually supporting beach development, and the reduction of  swell waves & storm surges along coastlines.

Ocean Caraibes - Services Provided

Our Initial Site Visit

  • Underwater reconnaissance survey

  • Bottom Survey of the site and adjacent areas

  • Complete evaluation of the bottom conditions and proximity to surrounding structures

  • Bottom type, (coral, rock, sand, etc.) survey of the fish/marine life
    species and population density

  • Obtain details on current speed, direction, and tide range

  • Perform a rapid hydrographic and bathymetric survey of the site
    and surrounding area

  • Series of underwater photographs

This information will be carefully analyzed to determine the best design specification for the artificial reefs.  If required, all of the data obtained during the survey can be use in an EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment Survey). DGPS coordinates will be taken of the entire structure which will be used to create a GIA Map of the structure and adjacent coastline.


Biorock artificial reefs can be constructed
in multitude of designs suited to any particular need.

    World-class snorkeling reefs

    Habitat for fish and marine life 

        in any area including ocean 


    Coastline protection from storm

        surge and swell waves.

Beach creation

Beach protection

Beach nourishment by

    natural means


Based upon the clients needs & budget requirements, within a few days after completion of the initial site visit and surveys, Ocean Caraibes will submit a detailed development proposal, cost projection and time frame for the project.


Cost Factor: generally the cost of a Biorock Structure is between 50% and 70% less than using rock armour (large boulders) and concrete and the Biorock structure is 50 times more environmentally friendly.



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Photos & graphics
provided by Ari Spenhoff