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Environment Impact Assessment Studies
& Environmental Investigation Surveys


Ocean Caraibes has prepared over 350 EIA’s/EIS’s (Environment Impact Assessment Studies and Environmental Investigation Surveys) around the world and over 600 Scoping Reports, written numerous TOR’s (Terms of References) and Engineering Studies & Reports for a wide range of clients including some of the world's leading Hotels, Resorts, EU, USAID, UNDP, UNEP, UNFCCC, plus a broad range of private clients, NGO’s and institutions.





Environmental Studies (wetland)

  Mitigation  •  Remediation  •  Restoration


  Forensic Investigation for Rehabilitation
 Revetments   •   Seawalls   •   Sea Defense  

      Projects  •  Groynes  •  Breakwater


Ocean Caraibes has successfully completed projects in over 60
countries worldwide! 
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Ocean Caraibes provides high-quality technical services including Project Management, Coastal Engineering, Environmental Survey & Evaluation, Geotechnical Study & Investigation and more.



Project Management

Ocean Caraibes understands, having accumulated over 25 years of project management experience, the processes of initiating, planning, executing, controlling and completing of specific goals and objectives to successfully close a project. Our intent, within all phases of design, development and facilitation, is to ensure that specific plans, goals and objectives are well conceived and supported. And, that proper guidance and resources necessary to maintain the integrity and success of the project are provided in a time, cost efficient manner.


Coastal Engineering

Ocean Caraibes implements specific Coastal Engineering insight and tactics in all our projects related to near-shore, shoreline development and /or construction within coastal zones. Our combination of expertise in the sciences of oceanography, marine geology and coastal engineering directly affect the positive outcomes of our projects


Environmental Survey & Evaluation

Ocean Caraibes conducts and relies on multi-disciplinary site surveys. Performed during the initial stages of our projects, evaluation of survey results help identify and or determine a project’s unique environmental attributes and  impact, both short and long term, whether positive or negative in nature.  potential contingencies. These surveys consider a variety of components from endangered species to existing hazards, current flows and tide levels, types of sand, plants, fishes and other life. Surveys and their evaluations also contribute to the preparation of contingency plans.


Geotechnical Study & Investigation

Ocean Caraibes performs geotechnical field studies and investigations to support the success and design of their projects. Once the locations of the project features have been identified, geotechnical evaluations are initiated to validate designs and better define project costs. Field investigations could include geophysical surveys, core borings, test pits, muck probes, recharge, slug and pump tests.  Soil, sand and rock mechanics, slopes, drainage, land stability, etc. are all part of these significant studies and investigations.



Ocean Caraibes Utilizes the Following Equipment
in Providing the Best Possible Information & Report Results



    • Bathymetry

    • Multi-beam

    • Side-scan sonar 

    • Sub-bottom profiling  


Photo documentation

    • Diver-held video & still cameras

    • Towed video & still camera systems

    • ROV (remotely operated vehicle)



    • Cone penetration testing

    • Sediment sampling